Diane Robitelle is a Canadian Artist and Canadian Author.

Shocks can cause deeper questions to surface. Why my mother
had to die was a painfully big boulder to bang against, and I
desperately needed real answers, at age 17, to the purpose, value
and meaning of life.
Graduated in December 1971 from Ithaca College and off to start
my first elementary school music-teaching job, I was happily
feeling free to create. But I would find a need to know, and desire
to discover, the answer to a gnawing question: what’s the source
of creativity?
In the Spring, riding down a Catskill Mountain country road and
watching the quickly passing landscape, my first poem, Ca-me-ra,
comes to birth while picturing the scene and thinking of picturetaking
relating to seeing. Later I read Herman Hesse’s
Siddhartha, awaking me to make a journey. In late Autumn I’m in a
plane crossing the Atlantic Ocean, bound for a 6-month studytour
of ten European countries where I’d go down many roads.
It’s Winter, I’m in Delphi, Greece at the ancient Mystery Center,
wondering what the mystery is and why it’s not written in any of
the tour info. Months later in London, England at the Tate Gallery,
while pondering why Turner’s four water-color paintings, ‘Deluge’,
are of the same landscape with each painting lessening in pigment,
I awaken with the answer, feeling full of joy, peacefully aglow and
buoyant. Years later would I fully understand this experience as
one of intuiting, of being at the source of creativity… where one is
active in a spiritual realm of spiritual content, of light-filling,
Having worked within Waldorf Schools for twenty years, I find
my place now working freelance in teaching movement and writing
poetry while happily creating a home together with my husband,
Emanuel Blosser, in Edmonton, AB, Canada since 2007. And we
both share a dream -- a goal of freely creating community with
others out of non-conflicting intuitive activity.

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