Erick Shogholo

Erick Shogholo studies great leaders who have shaped the cause of humankind — influential leaders in business, science, military, politics, social fields and religions as well as great leaders recorded in the Bible. He also, employs his mind in observing, interviewing, learning and experimenting with the best leadership principles that will improve the effectiveness of leaders in their homes, business, government, churches,
relationships, and in managing difficult problems.

He was born in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro Region and moved to Canada in 2008. He graduated with a Business Administration degree from Burman University and founded InsightLeaders Group Inc. InsightLeaders Group creates and designs solutions to empower people to apply proven leadership principles. The WisdomApp is available for iOS users
to help empower your leadership journey. Erick also teaches Biblical based leadership principles through the InsightLeaders YouTube channel.

Erick’s mission is to help people improve their lives through the application of rock-solid leadership principles. He helps leaders connect with their fellow leaders, and with God, allowing them to draw strength
and wisdom, resulting in improved effectiveness in leading their followers and impacting their communities.

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