Heather Hayashi is a reader, writer, lover of coffee and curious about what God is up to in people’s lives. She and her husband Randy, have been married for 21 years and have two sons—who they think are remarkable. Their home contains basketball and volleyball shoes, guitars, drums, canvases, things made of duct tape, books, and one dog.
As a spiritual director, with Urban Sanctuary, Heather has the privilege of listening to people’s stories and encouraging them to hear God in the ordinary parts of their lives. She leads a group through a two-year program of spiritual formation and loves to see their relationships deepen and their understanding of God refreshed. Currently, she’s finishing a Master of Theological Studies degree at Taylor Seminary and loving every minute of it.
Part of Heather’s story is that she has lived with a chronic pain disease for most of her adult life. It has been a profound and difficult experience. God has brought her to a renewed understanding of who He is, who she is and what life could be about – even when pain doesn’t go away.
More about Heather: learningrhythmsofgrace.wordpress.com

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