Since she was 21 years old, Heide Muller-Haas has drawn and painted nature and people. She has had exhibitions in galleries in Europe and the Caribbean. Heide started creating Mandalas in 1992 recognizing and enjoying the quality of connection with her own inner beingness, to meaning and the universe as a whole. Recently her "circle art" was exhibited at the Carrot Cafe in Edmonton.

Heide loves sharing with people the joy of discovering their inner creative abilities and potentials through teaching them to make their own Mandalas.

She says, “I love to think that my mandalas in some way bring joy, peace and harmony into people's homes.”

A Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. "The Flower of Life" is a primary geometric pattern that is present in all physical life, and is found in cultures all over the world. Heide is drawn to creating mandalas because of its connection to the seen and unseen in life, and her goal is to express this in her work.

"My hope is that people looking at my Sacred Geometry Mandalas may get in touch with their own deeper and higher connection and through this, connect with the universe as a whole."

Heide's art is displayed in various locations in and around Edmonton. She began as a landscape artist working with oil and watercolour, and has been working with mandalas over the last 20 years.

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