As an artist, world traveller, scuba dive instructor and tattoo artist I take my inspiration from everyone that I have met along my journeys. So many interesting souls. So many interesting cultures. The majesty of the underworld of the ocean.

As a world traveller I often lived in different countries for months or sometimes years at a time which really allowed me to immerse myself in the different cultures and develop relationships with the local people, their art, religions and traditions.

As a scuba dive instructor I got to really experience the beauty and majesty of the ocean. The ocean will always be a strong inspiration for me for she is in all of us and to her we will return.

As a tattoo artist I have had the opportunity to share in the pain of many souls. Whether they were seeking to heal from some past trauma or open their heart to new adventures.

As an artist.. well I have always been an artist. It is simply who I am. My soul.

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