Jeffrey Sakundiak

It is Jeffrey's vision in life to see a world where people start celebrating others, and taking better care of themselves. Have people take command of their life again, and achieve theirs dreams. With that in mind, we can take on bigger challenges by forming greater bonds of trust. A deeper sense of community helps get a better understanding of others. Therefore, let's make the world great by first, making ourselves great.

The day he was born, he had a cleft lip and palate. He also had a brain tumour caused at birth. Childhood was rough growing up and wasn't the best in school. Jeffrey was picked on a lot for his appearance and intelligence, not just by the other students, but teachers as well.

He was placed in special Ed class in grade 9, which not long after, he planned on taking his own life. Negative words greeted him almost everyday. If he ever told someone about a big dream that he wanted to accomplish when he was older, people would say to him, "only in your dreams."

Through all the adversity and downplaying, Jeffrey earned and saved over six figures before he was eighteen years old. Studied over 15 topics by reading books, taking online courses, and attending seminars. Topics include:

  • personal health and fitness
  • personal finance
  • real estate investing
  • entrepreneurship
  • relationships
  • parenting and child development
  • personal development
  • neuroscience
  • human behaviour
  • leadership
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