I was born in Dalhousie, NB, but I have lived most of my life in Alberta. Presently, I am living in Falher; it is a town in Northern Alberta, known as the honey capital of Canada plus the home of the largest bee.
I married a wonderful loving man, Michel Pelletier; I have two daughters, a stepdaughter, and two stepsons. So far, I have four grandsons, several step-grandsons, and step-granddaughters. I now have 1 great granddaughter.

I love to fish, dance, and golf… above all is to write. Writing has been a passion for me since I was in my early twenties. It quickly became an addiction, I find hard to stay away from for any length of time.

I was published in 2010 by a company in the US. It did not work out well for me so I recently became self-published. Thankfully, with the help of https://pagemasterpublishing.ca/  based out of Edmonton,

I have 3 series planned with at least three books in each set. If all goes as planned, I am hoping to have a full trilogy saga in the near future. Possibly, with more on the way, if the writing bug continues to bite me.

The first set of books begins the journey that will tie my three series together; they start from early to the mid 1800's in the USA as a western romance… called White Buffalo (New Beginnings).

My second series, The Curse of the Dragon Medallion, is my transition from romance to fantasy… becoming a western fantasy; it's set in the late 1800's and continues into the late 2000's, which starts in England then bring you into Canada, where I will stay until the end!

My third series, The Rise of the Ryuu Dynasty, will be full fantasy. It will be the beginning of a new world and reappearance of magic in its full glory; including forgotten creatures, evil villains, different cultures, and unlikely people. With several surprises that even, I am unaware of yet!

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