Today, Loreen chooses to surround herself with beauty and tranquility. She leads a quiet life beside the shores of a northern lake. She enjoys her lovely home, spending many hours in her garden or creating with rock collected from the lakes and rivers that surround the property. Sewing and quilting for her loved ones also occupies much of her leisure hours.

Health and healing continue to be the focus of her life after. Her desire for health and healing for her entire family was the impetus for the writing of this book (Married to a Terrorist). All of the children are doing well in their adult lives and this blesses Loreen immensely. They remain a very close family and have plenty of family gatherings. Loreen desires to share her story in hopes that in doing so might help another heal from the effects of their life choices.

Loreen looks forward to the sharing of her story with audiences large and small. Arrangements can be made for this through PageMaster Publication Services Inc.

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