Lynda Horvath

From the time Lynda Horvath was a young girl on an Alberta farm, she wanted to be a teacher! Luckily, her dream came true, and she was privileged to spend thirty-five wonderful years in elementary classrooms. Writing, and especially poetry, was a favourite part of working with creative minds.

When she was fortunate enough to retire, writing became even more important to her. So, as a challenge to herself, she decided to take a 'slice of life' each day and create a poem. The journey became more and more exciting, and soon she had over fiveĀ  hundred poems-ranging from ideas such as 'the birds in the back of the yard' or ' the supper dilemma' or even 'the weather'!

Her loved ones told her she could write a poem about anything and everything-give her a topic, and creative juices start to flow! She is encouraged to share her life experiences and 'reflections' in a book, so that they became her next challenge!

As she shares her life through these poems, readers will no doubt be able to relate to many of her experiences in your own life!


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