N. Rochelle Sato is a third-generation Japanese Canadian, who spent
most of her life in Lethbridge, AB. She obtained a B.A. and M.Ed. from
the University of Lethbridge, and Ph.D. from the University of Alberta in
“Sociology of Education,” with a focus on autobiographical writing on gender, race, and class. She has worked as a mental health counsellor, elementary school counsellor and post-secondary instructor (the latter at Lethbridge College, University of Lethbridge, and University of Calgary, and currently for Athabasca University, teaching three sociology courses.)

She has authored two books about Japanese Canadians in Southern Alberta Nikkei Journey: Japanese Canadians in Southern Alberta, 2005; Japanese Canadian Journey: The Nakagama story (2010), and assisted three people to self-publish, including most recently, Mitchell Moise, an incarcerated Aboriginal man from Saskatchewan. She is on the CUPE National Committee for Anti-Racism.

She and her second husband currently live in Devon, AB, and have a twopiece band (Mountain Sapphire), she having recently started relearning the keyboard and singing, after decades of hiatus. She has three adult children, one deceased child, and five grandchildren.

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