Sandra (Butler) Ladwig was a Parent Finder in Alberta for 49 years. She has located well over 500 missing persons and has assisted over 1000 people who just needed support and direction.

She has a twin brother George, who is a Private Investigator. George has been a great help with some of the searches Sandra has completed over the years.

Sandra worked as a legal secretary for 20 years and was able to assist the lawyers in her firm by locating the whereabouts of defendants so that they could be served with legal documents.

Sandra received the Bob Stollings Award from The City of Red Deer for going the extra mile. For 11 years she worked as a Volunteer in the Emergency Department of her local hospital. She received the First Lady of the Year Award from Beta Sigma Phi for her volunteer efforts.

She is hoping that her true stories will provide ideas and direction for adoptees who are up against a brick wall in their own searches.

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