Author Shaunda Lee Vickery

When Shaunda-Lee was a child living in Mallorca Spain. She watched her Mother take in an Iranian Princess to hide and protect and care for during the Iranian coup in the early 1980s. This is where Shaunda-Lee learned to open her heart and home to young girls in danger and in distress. When Shaunda-Lee moved into her first home she always brought in young ladies in distress. So it is not surprising that her passion for these ladies runs deep.

Growing up with a Monster as her father, she understood the importance of a safe haven and why they are necessary.

“My goal is to redirect Millennial and Y-gen traffic so to speak. Educate them properly and encourage them to share this knowledge with friends, and family and with their own daughters to continue to save lives through prevention.”

Love Letter to My Daughter has been revised and details Shaunda-Lee's own experiences with domestic abuse while providing practical and applicable advice to those who need it.

For more information visit Shaunda-Lee online at!

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