Warren E. Hathaway

Warren Hathaway and his wife, Lois, think of themselves as  “ditch diggers.”  For the past fifteen years they have endeavored to open channels for God’s love to flow into a dry thirsty land. They do this through writing, teaching, and missions trips.

Two important books have been published with their help: Out of Bondage: Finding the Path Out of Indian Religion and Into the Kingdom of God by Adolphus Kootenay, and  Malawi: A Legacy of Tyranny and Shame by Winston Msowoya. Both of these books may be ordered at here at PageMaster Publishing.

Warren has two current books available — Pursuit of a Dream: the Story of Pilot Vera (Strodl) Dowling, and Then Came Sunday: From The Garden of Eden to Golgotha — A Crimson Stream.

Dr. Warren E. Hathaway served in the United States Marine Corps as a radar instructor during the Korean War and later he worked as an electronics engineer for a large company doing research on defense systems. He later pursued a career in education, earning a doctorate from the University of Alberta. He is an active Christian and continues to be involved in a variety of roles including consultant, writer, board me member, teacher, in-school mentor and lecturer. He is married and together with his wife Lois they have two sons and four grandchildren.

Visits Warren’s website at http://whathaway.ca/

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