Warren Hathaway and his wife, Lois, think of themselves as  “ditch diggers.”  For the past fifteen years they have endeavored to open channels for God’s love to flow into a dry thirsty land. They do this through writing, teaching, and missions trips.

Two important books have been published with their help: Out of Bondage: Finding the Path Out of Indian Religion and Into the Kingdom of God by Adolphus Kootenay, and  Malawi: A Legacy of Tyranny and Shame by Winston Msowoya. Both of these books may be ordered at here at PageMaster Publishing.

Warren has two current books available — Pursuit of a Dream: the Story of Pilot Vera (Strodl) Dowling, and Then Came Sunday: From The Garden of Eden to Golgotha — A Crimson Stream.

Dr. Warren E. Hathaway served in the United States Marine Corps as a radar instructor during the Korean War and later he worked as an electronics engineer for a large company doing research on defense systems. He later pursued a career in education, earning a doctorate from the University of Alberta. He is an active Christian and continues to be involved in a variety of roles including consultant, writer, board me member, teacher, in-school mentor and lecturer. He is married and together with his wife Lois they have two sons and four grandchildren.

Visits Warren's website at http://whathaway.ca/

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