Winston Chakudika Msowoya, a political activist from his youth, escaped arrest from the notorious and covert police agents in his homeland of Malawi and fled into exile. There he joined exile movements and travelled to many of the most progressive countries in Africa and eastern and western Europe, drumming up moral and material support for the oppressed people of Malawi. He made many friends among exiled liberation movements in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, the Cape Verde Islands, and Angola. While studying journalism in the former Soviet Union (Russia), he was impressed by the Communist Youth Movement's Manifesto which among other things encouraged communal establishments in Tanzania. He joined the TANU YOUTH LEAGUE (TYL). In Cuba, he was highly impressed by its humane health care and education systems, provided despite a severe economic embargo imposed by the United States - one that has lasted almost five decades. Though living outside his homeland for more than three decades, Msowoya has never abandoned his ancestral culture and traditions. Deep in his heart, he remains a proud African. He is married and has five children and four grandchildren.

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